Barrys Bay Cheese Club

Indulge in a few of your favourite cheeses throughout the year without having to leave the house!

Barrys Bay Cheese makes over 20 different cheeses handcrafted from local Banks Peninsula milk, using traditional methods. Our quarterly, Year of Cheese Club makes it easy for members to try a variety of our delicious cheeses, delivered right to your door. For $210/year (including postage and packaging), you or a friend will receive a special delivery of Barrys Bay Cheese filled with our latest or tastiest creations.

Each delivery of 5 cheeses, which will arrive quarterly, is shipped to your home or office, whichever is more likely to have someone there to receive it! Your delivery will include different cheeses, ranging from our most popular classics to our exclusive seasonal flavours as they are available, such as our 3 Boys Oyster Stout Cheddar. Your first delivery of cheese comes with a Laguiole Cheese Knife and a Barrys Bay Cloth Cheese Bag so you're prepared for the year to come!

When you order, please specify if you would like your first delivery to be sent at the time of the order or at the next delivery date. If you don’t specify, we will send your order straight away. The following deliveries will be sent within the first week of the specified months, and the contents are subject to change. Please let us know if you will not be at home to receive your cheese and we can make other arrangements.

Delivery Dates:

February | May | August | November



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Year of Cheese Club
Year of Cheese Club